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Wood Stoves

A wood stove is an alternative-heating source that provides low cost operation, heat when the power goes out, and can add a pleasing atmosphere to a room and/or patio. When shopping around for a stove some features to consider are:

  • EPA certified stoves are more efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Pellet stoves use compacted wood scraps, which may be easier for you to find and store, instead of wood logs
  • Catalytic stoves have a catalytic combustor (like in a car) for
    • cleaner operation by burning unused fuel in the fire's smoke
    • lower required temperature for burning wood
  • Beside the traditional black iron exterior, stoves can be found in colors and styles to match most any decor
  • A viewing window to watch the fire burn
  • Chimineas offer heat and ambience to a patio
  • The right heating capacity of the stove for the room or area it is being used

When buying a stove, don't forget the accessories such as wood log carriers and storage units, log tongs and pokers for adding wood to existing fires, small shovels and ash carriers for cleaning the stove. And always keep a fire extinguisher handy.

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