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Learn about buying different types of coverage in Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance

Looking for the best rate on car insurance? It takes a bit of "keyboard" work, but you can find a good deal for you.

Before choosing a company, find out what their policy is for renewal after making a claim. Some companies will forgive a claim below a certain amount if it is the first time claim for a longstanding customer -- something that can be worth a lot in the long run if you get in an accident that is your fault (or are just involved in one in a "no fault" state).

If you only have one car, inquire about provisions for a rental car while your car is being repaired after an accident. This may be included or an optional charge.

Finally, be sure to include all of your car's drivers. It would be a shame to pay premiums only to find that the insurance company refuses a claim because the driver was not on the policy.

Visit the web sites of the following providers to learn more. To get the best deal, apply to several companies and then compare the rates and terms they offer.

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