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Buying Life Insurance

A life insurance policy protects your family, preserves your wealth, and provides peace of mind. Once you've decided that now is the time to buy, how do you actually get one?

There are four main ways to buy life insurance:

  • Employer Plans - many companies have negotiated a group life insurance plan that offers a limited number of choices but is either paid by the company or can be paid for automatically through payroll deduction.
  • Company Representatives - if you wish to select the company that you buy the insurance from, you can usually buy the plan directly from the insurance company.'s representative. This allows you , for example, to use the same company for life and auto and allows you more flexibility in picking the plan's options, such as the face value of the policy.
  • Independent Insurance Agents - if price is important, an independent agent can help you pick the lowest cost policy with the features you want by drawing from a portfolio of companies.
  • Through the Internet - to get the widest selection and to find the best value, consider buying online. Not only can you compare company's offerings on your own terms, but many companies will let you get quotes and apply.

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