Health: Anti-Wrinkle Creams
Aging is a fact of life. And aging is most easily visible in our skin. Our hands and face are the first to show signs of age. Our hands suffer because we expose them to harsh conditions -- chemicals and soaps that dry the skin as we perform life's everyday chores. Our faces suffer from sun exposure.

What can we do to fight the battle? There are four options:
  • prevention: avoid harsh conditions and use protection (sun screens, gloves, etc.); avoid "baking" your skin in the sun to get a bronze tan -- while it looks nice now, it will only hasten the aging process in the future
  • nourish: find a moisturizer and skin rejuvenator that is compatible with your skin and use it appropriately. Don't wait for your skin to show noticeable damage before acting. Start early to nourish your skin and it will reward you with extra years of youthful appearance
  • medicate: in case of severe acne and other "bad skin" conditions there are treatments (acid wash, for example) that can help; do this only under a qualified doctor's supervision
  • replace: in extreme cases, cosmetic surgical options can replace or tighten bad skin
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Written October 16, 2003 - go to our home or life advice page