Choosing a Book of the Month Club
Book of the month clubs offer a convenient way to get the latest books, the best sellers, and our favorite authors and topics without having to leave your home. When considering what book club to join, here are a few things to consider:
  • some book clubs specialize in a particular subject or genre such as mysteries, cooking, history, and large print. If you prefer variety, be sure to pick a club with a more general offering
  • some clubs offer on-line services as well as by mail. You'll need to decide if this is important to you
  • book clubs often require a commitment that you will buy a certain number of books or a certain number of books for a stated length of time. Understand the total cost of joining and ordering, including shipping and handling charges
  • determine when books are sent -- automatically or only the books you select be sent. If you must notify the club you are not interested in the current offering it is easy to miss the deadline and end up buying a book you may not want
  • look for clubs that offer both selection and a discount on the price, including free books for ordering extra books.
  • compare satisfaction guarantees and return policies if you decide not to keep a particular book.
One final consideration: although most people join book clubs for their own reading, there are clubs that let you order books to be delivered to someone else as a gift. These clubs often offer you the choice of selecting various types of books and lengths of time that you would like the gift books to be delivered.

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