Saying "I Love You": Friendship Rings
Rings of any kind are a symbol for the wearer, for the giver, and for the observer. This is especially true for friendship rings.

Friendship rings symbolize the commitment of the giver and the wearer to a relationship. The act of giving is an acknowledgement of the existence of the relationship. The accepting and displaying by the receiver is an affirmation and a message to all that sees it that the wearer is in a special relationship.

Friendship rings may be simple bands that, by being bands, symbolize the union of two people in friendship. Or, they may be of an intricate pattern or design that embodies the thought or represents the value of the relationship.

In either case, the symbolism of the ring should not be taken lightly be the giver, the receiver, or the observer, and so much care and time should be spent in selecting the appropriate rings.

Should there be one ring or two? As in marriage rings, this depends on the preferences and customs of the wearers. When only one party to the friendship wears a ring, there may be an overtone of ownership of the wearer by the giver unless it is custom (or at least accepted) that the giver is not expected to wear a ring. In this case, the fact that the wearer wears a ring that was given by the giver is a sign that the giver is similarly committed.

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