Replacing a Toilet
Two quick reminders:
  • there is a wax gasket that goes between the bottom of the toilet and the top of the floor that seals the connection to the sewer. This item is not reuseable. If you are going to pull out your toilet, make sure you have one of these on hand. They are not very expensive and easy to install. Also, since it is wax and must melt to seal tightly, make sure you are re-installing the toilet on a warm day or in a warm room.
  • when you remove the toilet, be sure to seal up the opening while you have the toilet off. In some cases there may be some pretty noxious odors emanating from the sewer. Even if not, you will be surprised at the creepy-crawlies that call your sewer their home. Use a rag or a piece of cardboard to seal the opening and to keep them in their home and out of yours.

Updated September 24, 2003 - go to our home or life advice page