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It is customary to celebrate each anniversary of a person's birth.

Key birthdays include:

  • 16 - widely recognized as the age for beginning the transition from adolescent to adult
  • 18 - the age at which many laws recognize the independence of the adolescent from his family and may include the right to vote and consume alcohol.
  • 21 - the age at which almost all remaining laws confer adulthood
  • 25 - celebrating a quarter century
  • 30 & 40 - the ages some consider the peak of the "hill"
  • 50 - celebrating a half century
  • 75 - celebrating a quarter of a century
  • 100 - celebrating a century

How to celebrate varies with regional, religious, and ethnic considerations. Children's parties often center on food, games, and entertainment (pony rides, clowns, magicians, etc.). Parties for adults tend toward being more sedate, but they may also be built around events such as a dinner at a nice restaurant, a sporting event, travel, or a hobby.

For more birthday party ideas, see the following:

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