Life Events

Life events pose a unique challenge because each is a new or infrequent occurrence for which many people have little or no prior experience.

When it comes to parenting, you have the knowledge of your own childhood to draw upon. However, try as you might, it is unlikely that today's children will think the same, act the same, and face the same challenges as you.

In these circumstances, a little dose of commonsense advice can help

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Getting Ready for College
For many adolescents, college is the transition into adulthood. College will teach them not only the academic skills they need, but through independent living, they will learn the social skills as well. Ideas of what it means to be an adult, values that they were forced to conform to as a child, and friendships and self-reliance are now tested and the character of the soon to be adult begin cementing in place.

For most parents, the departure for college marks the first real departure from the nest. No longer in daily content and no longer able to keep daily tabs on them, parents are now feel disconnected and for the most part are forced to step down as parents and become instead bystanders, advice givers, and life coaches.

There are many "less lofty" tasks associated with this transition. Here are some of the "nuts and bolts" of preparing your child for college to consider:

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