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Boat Ramps for Dogs

When your dog is in the water and you want to get him back into the boat or on the dock, it can be a struggle because even a small dog when wet is heavy to lift. Many dog owners, not wanting to risk injury to their pet or themselves, use a dog ladder or ramp to make it easier and safer to get out of the water.

Here are some considerations when buying a dog ladder or ramp for your boat or dock:

  • Ramps and ladders come as either pre-made or customized.
  • The ramp or ladder should attach securely, be sturdy, and have a non-slip surface so your pet doesnít slide back into the water.
  • Ramps and ladders that fold up or are inflatable take up less space when storing them.
  • Ladders, which are sometimes actually steps, come in various sizes and are usually easier to pull out of the water when you want to move the boat.
  • Ramps and ladders that have a platform where the dog can shake itself dry before entering the boat or climbing up on the dock reduces the chance of flying water getting people and belongings wet.
  • Ramps, which let dogs walk up into the boat or dock, usually work for any size dog, but come in different sizes to more closely match the size and weight of your dog. Look for a ramp with a floatation system that prevents a steep climbing slope under your dog's weight.

And once your dog is aboard, consider drying your dog with a specially made dog towel. These towels are more absorbent than a regular bath towel so you donít have a damp and dripping dog around.

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