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Dog Sunglasses and Goggles

Although it might seem silly at first, sunglasses and goggles for dogs (and cats) are not frivolous items. If your pet likes to ride in your vehicle with his head out the window, is sensitive to bright light, joins you hunting or boating, or has an eye disorder, sunglasses and goggles can protect his eyes and help lessen the damage done by the sun and environment. With their increasing popularity, sunglasses and goggles for pets now come in a variety of styles and colors.

When selecting glasses for your pet, look for:

  • A secure fit - straps around the head and under the chin provide a snug fit. For added safety, look for breakaway features on the straps that allow the glasses to fall off if they get caught on an object.
  • An adequate sized bridge so the lens fit properly over the eyes.
  • Shatterproof lens to protect the eyes if the glasses get broken.
  • UV ray protection to protect against sun damage.
  • Wrap around frames that enclose the eyes prevent wind and debris from injuring the eye, especially important in hunting, boating, and riding with the head out the window. These also prevent light from entering from the side for dogs sensitive to light or who have eye disorders. There is also some research that shows these help control epilepsy in dogs.

If you are interested in fashion as well as protection,

some dog glasses come with interchangeable colored lens and with matching glasses for owners. Also, just as you need to keep your glasses clean, it is important to keep your petís glasses clean. Cleaning solutions and cloths can be purchased separately if they do not come with the glasses.

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