Life Events

Life events pose a unique challenge because each is a new or infrequent occurrence for which many people have little or no prior experience.

For many, buying a home is the single largest transaction that we will ever make.

Not only is the mortgage likely to draw off a considerable chunk of our paycheck for up to 30 years, but the care and maintenance of a home is equally consuming.

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Looking for Deals
When the concept of finding a “deal” or a “bargain” is raised, most people think in terms of so-called “handyman’s specials.” These are houses that require a lot of repair or upgrading, and thus sell at significant discount compared what they would fetch if they were in better condition. Remember, you must expend time, effort, and money to close this gap in valuation, so this variety of bargain comes with quite a few strings attached.

On the other hand, you are apt to get a genuine deal if you can find a home owner who is under pressure to sell the house soon, and who does not have the luxury of time to wait for his or her “price.” A prime example is someone who has an impending deadline to relocate, usually for employment reasons. Another example is someone who is overextended financially, perhaps deeply in debt. The latter includes people who are temporarily stuck with two homes after they run into timing problems managing the transition from one to the other. A detailed examination of real estate transactions, which normally are matters of public record reported in local newspapers, may uncover such opportunities.
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