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Parenting is the process of raising new adults. A parent must nurture and guide the physical, emotional, and intellectual growth of the young until they reach an age when the young are ready to transition into an independent life and possibly becoming parents themselves. As they mature, children can be a source of fun, love, and pride, but they can also be a source of frustration, disappointment, and complication.

Most of us use our own experiences being parented as our guide to parenting are own children. We try not to repeat the mistakes of our parents and of our youth. And while such insights can help, the world is a different place now than it was twenty-five years ago. The children of this millennium face and will continue to face challenges and opportunities unlike any we ever imagined. While we may have argued with our parents about getting our own TV, for example, today we face questions about how old should a child be before they have their first cell phone. For that reason alone, we are still blazing new trails in parenting.

The following topics aim to give you another point of view to consider as you travel through the phases of parenthood. For even if the world had not changed and your child is (dare we use the already antiquated expression?) a "carbon copy" of you, the challenges that you face being a parent are not just those of being the parent to your child that you as a child always wanted, but the much broader challenges of being your child's parent from the perspective of an adult who is now much more aware of all the complications of life.

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