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Pet Beds

When you want to give your pet (whether it is a cat or a dog) something more than an old blanket to lay on, consider getting a pet beds that offers comfort, ease, and style. There are a lot of choices, so consider these features when deciding on which pet bed is right for you and your pet:

  • Whether made of foam, stuffing, or coils with stuffing, the bed pad should be thick enough to be comfortable and reduce the pressure on joints and hips; this is especially important for older pets. Tall sides or bolsters (narrow cushions or pillows) help reduce drafts and make for a warmer bed. To completely control the temperature, consider a bed that has a built in temperature control system or inserting a separate heating pad. For those long hot days of summer, get a cooling pad for your pet to lie on.
  • To keep the bed clean and clean smelling, it should be machine washable or have an outer cover that is. For convenience, get one that can be dried in a dryer (not all can be). For additional odor control, select a bed that has additional smell reduction features.
  • Beds that have storage compartments or drawers let you keep your petís toys, leashes, and bowls handy.
  • Portability can be important if you travel with your pet. A pet bed can avoid getting dirt and hair in your car and to give your pet a familiar bed when travelling. Consider how the bed your pet will use at home will also fit into your vehicle, or consider getting an additional bed just for the car and vacation spot. If buying a separate bed for traveling, consider looking for one that can be raised up so your pet can easily look out the car window.

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