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Here is our advice on pets.
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Pet Feed Bowls
When it comes to feeding your pet, having the right feeding and watering bowls can make feeding times more convenient for both you and your pet. Feeding bowls come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, made from various types of material, and can be plain or fancy. What works best for you and your pet depends on the size and number of pets you have, your personal preferences, and your lifestyle, but here are some things to consider:

  • The larger the size of your pet, the larger the bowl should be so there is an adequate amount of food.
  • For multiple pets, consider getting several bowls to avoid “disagreements” over who eats first and how much is eaten by each pet.
  • For larger animals, get a bowl that is elevated (either wall mounted or in a stand) so your pet doesn’t have to bend its head down to eat; especially helpful if the animal is older or has arthritis.
  • If you have a puppy that will grow into a large dog, look for a bowl that will adjust to the dog’s growing height so you don’t have to keep buying new bowls.
  • If you have pets of different sizes, look for a holder with a set of bowls at different heights.
  • If the bowl(s) is in a holder, being removable makes it easier to clean.
  • Non-skid rubber feet or base keeps the bowl from moving around while the pet is eating.
  • Storage bins for food and supplies keeps everything handy and organized.
  • If you are not always around for feeding time, get a bowl with an “on demand” food dispenser system. If you are concerned your pet might overeat with that system, get one with an automatic, timed feeding system. Either way, your pet will not go hungry if you are not around.
  • Water bowls that refill from a water storage tank keep a constant supply of water available. Those that circulate the water, especially through a filter, and/or have a cooling feature, provide fresher tasting water.
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