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Here is our advice on pets.
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Pet Carriers
If you travel on the airlines with your small pet, you will need to obtain an approved pet carrier. However, if your pet is travelling with you in the cabin, your pet carrier does not have to be one of those plain, hardened cages with wire doors. Pet carriers can be fashionable, soft-sided, over-the-shoulder bags with lots of open mesh windows.

Here are some features to think about:

  • Pet carriers with built in pouches give you a place to carry small amounts of pet food, cleanup items, and toys to make your pet feel less nervous. A changeable liner or one easily cleaned is essential to deal with pet accidents.
  • Choosing the right size pet carrier is very important. Airlines are adamant that any carrier brought into the cabin be treated as a piece of carry-on luggage. So, look for a pet carrier that will fit under the seat in front of you without harming your pet. And keep in mind that underseat storage space varies, particularly with regional airlines that fly smaller jets that have correspondingly smaller storage areas.
  • The door lock on your carrier should be substantial enough that it cannot be opened accidently by jostling around. Metal latches are preferable to plastic or velcro ones.

Pet carriers are also good for car travel as well. They offer a safe way to drive along without risking bouncing your pet around in the event of a sharp maneuver.
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