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Here is our advice on pets.
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Pet Houses
Whether you want a good, basic structure to provide protection for your pet or an attractive, luxurious home to pamper him, todayís choices in pet houses, for either a dog or a cat, are plentiful. After measuring your pet to determine what size house to get, check the local housing/building codes for any requirements for pet housing, an increasingly popular regulation. When searching for a specific house, you will find a vast number of prices, styles, and features, so here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Houses usually come in plastic or wood. Plastic is great if you donít want to paint and can find the color you want. Look for fade and scratch resistant plastic so the house still looks good in a few years. Wooden houses may need to be painted, which allows you to match the pet house color to your houseís color for an attractive appearance. If the pet house is made of cedar it wonít need painting, and the cedar will be a natural deterrent to fleas.
  • Pet houses come pre-built, in build-it-yourself kits (either from construction plans or put-together-the-pieces), and custom made. Pre-built lets you buy it and put it in the yard with minimal time and effort. Building a pet house gives you the opportunity to modify it to fit your specific needs and taste besides the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Custom-built lets you get exactly what you want in style and features and can be made to duplicate the design of your house.
  • There are many features you can get; here is a list of some of them:
    • hinged roof for easy cleaning
    • insulated walls and floors or climate controls for a warm place in the winter and a cool place in the summer
    • decks/porches for a place to lay outside but not on wet or grass
    • automatically closing doors
    • awnings and canopies to provide shade from the sun
    • wkylights to provide light inside the house
    • windows to help circulate the air and ventilate the house
    • raised flooring for warmth, staying dry, and fewer bug problems
    • multiple rooms for multiple pets
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