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Pet Life Preservers

Whenever you and your pet are around water, whether you are fishing, sailing, boating, or doing other types of water activities, it is just as important for your pet to have a life preserver on as it is for you. Although your pet may be able to swim, a life preserver will keep him floating and buoyant longer and relieve strain on sensitive hip/joints when in the water.

When choosing a preserver for your pet, consider these points:

  • The preserver should fit snuggly and comfortably. Get the size your pet needs based on his chest measurement and weight.
  • Reflective stripes on the preserver increase visibility, especially helpful when out on the water during times of low or no sunlight.
  • Preservers that completely surround the chest area will lessen any possibility of injury to the chest when your pet is lifted out of the water. This is a problem that can occur in larger pets when just straps cover the belly area.
  • Sturdy top grips (handles) make it easier to lift your pet out of the water by hand or boat hook.
  • A pet ladder or ramp lets your pet enter the boat by himself instead of being lifted, which is especially helpful if your pet is large.

And to prevent dogs from sun damage while out on the water, there are specially designed dog sunglasses that give protection against UV rays and dog sunscreen to protect against sunburn.

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