Life Events

Life events pose a unique challenge because each is a new or infrequent occurrence for which many people have little or no prior experience.

When it comes to parenting, you have the knowledge of your own childhood to draw upon. However, try as you might, it is unlikely that today's children will think the same, act the same, and face the same challenges as you.

In these circumstances, a little dose of commonsense advice can help

Here is our advice on these topics.
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Prenatal Gender Tests
Many parents want to know the gender of their unborn child. Armed with such knowledge, they can begin everything from the name picking process to choosing paint for the nursery.

The four most common ways to determine the gender of your unborn child are:

  • wives tales - these methods predict the sex of a child based on the calendar, outward appearance of the mother, and other indicators. They are not scientific, but they can be a fun way to explore what sex your baby might be.
  • blood tests - recently developed blood tests use a sample of the mother's blood to look for evidence of fetal chromosomes that have migrated from the fetus into the mother's blood. They claim near perfect accuracy and frequently offer double your money back guarantees.
  • sampling - the gender of an unborn child can be determined as a by-product of either of two tests performed to rule out birth defects. Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is a process of removing a small bit of tissue from the sac. or amniocentesis). Amniocentesis draws fluid from around the fetus. Both procedures increase the risk of problems and are normally undertaken only when there are other indications (such as when the mother is over 35 or there is a history of genetic disorder) of potential problems.

  • ultrasound - depending on the position of the fetus, after about 16 weeks an ultrasound can "see" the presence of the male organ, leading to a reading of "male" or "not male."
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