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Raising Children

Here are some tips for raising childen:

  • Reading - We have several selections reviewed in our Reading Guide that can be helpful to parents:
    • See our review on Loving without Spoiling, a book filled with anecdotes about child rearing that many parents will find helpful in setting their own approach.
    • We also recommend Worst Enemies/Best Friends as an age appropriate book for young (9-13 year old) girls beginning to cope independently with the issues of personal identity and friendships.
  • Protecting your Child
  • Sending your Child to Camp
    • Get advice on Choosing a Summer Camp
    • If your child is sports oriented, you may want to send them to a sports camp to improve their skills in a particular sport. In that regard, you may also want to read our write up on hockey camps in our Sports Guide.

For advice on preparing for college, go to Getting Ready for College
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