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Life events pose a unique challenge because each is a new or infrequent occurrence for which many people have little or no prior experience.

A wedding is no exception to this rule.

When planning your wedding, a little dose of commonsense advice can help

Here is our advice on this topic.
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Planning Your Wedding
The decision to get married is a major turning point in life. It is a happy and exciting time as two who formerly lived separate lives are joined together. But the wedding, the official and/or religious process of going from single to married, is anything but simple.

Planning a wedding, whether large or small, can seem overwhelming, even more so because you want everything to go smoothly so that this, which for many will be a once in life event, will be one of the most special days of your life, a day that you will always remember. There are so many decisions: picking a date, drawing up a guest list, deciding on invitations, booking the ceremony and reception sites, hiring a photographer, and choosing what to wear -- to name only a few.

In the past, wedding etiquette was commonly based on what had always been done in the bridal couple's circle of family and friends, and these traditions were usually fairly rigid. Planning your wedding meant simply following these traditions. But times have changed, and the two people getting married are more likely to come from different religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds. As a result, the betrouthed are now faced with myriad challenges and complications to overcome in order to bring two individuals of two families into one.

So, use our guide to help you plan your wedding so that it is the uniquely meaningful celebration you always wanted.

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