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Starting Your Own Business
Some people prefer to work for someone else; the rest of us are better suited to be our own boss. A number of factors can motivate you to become an "entrepreneur" -- someone who owns his own business.

First, many people believe they can make more money working for themselves. Very few people get rich by working for others. Rather, they make their fortunes by applying their creativity and energy to their own pursuits. Many people that try to start their own business fail -- because their idea isn't as good or saleable as they thought, because they lack experience, because the lack perseverance, or perhaps because of simple bad luck. But many people do succeed -- look at the small business owners around you. And some people succeed in tremendous ways.

Second, having your own business means setting your own hours -- but usually, especially in the early years, if money is your goal, this actually means working much harder than you would if you worked for someone else. If money is less important, you can make trade-offs between work and leisure time -- decisions you can make without asking anyone else because you own the business.

Third, most of the time, being an entrepreneur means that you are free to pursue areas of interest to you. What you might have thought of as a hobby or recreation or "fun pursuit" now becomes the source of your livelihood. Unfortunately, many owners are also forced to be "jacks of all trades" because there is no one to turn to help. Eventually, as the business grows, you can hire others to do the work you don't like.

Starting your own business is all about taking risks in order to achieve greater rewards. You must be willing and able to give up the stability of a paycheck in exchange for the uncertainty of the future. It's something we, the founders of CliqueFriends, LLC, did -- after 20 years in the corporate world, we set out on our own, and we've had so much fun, success, and freedom that we don't plan on ever going back.

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