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Compression Socks

Wearing compression garments can help prevent or slow down the progression of vein problems and diseases. Compression socks are often prescribed for people who suffer from varicose veins, edema, tired, achy legs or as post-surgery protection. They can also help relieve pain associated with such ailments as diabetes or poor circulation.

Compression socks come in a variety of levels of compressions (measured in millimeters) and are prescribed by a doctor with the individual patientís specific need in mind. The lowest compression is ideal for people with tired, achy legs. The middle levels assists those with mild varicose veins and edema. Finally, those patients suffering from severe varicose veins, severe edema, lymphatic edema, active venous ulcerations, manifestations of PTS (post-thrombotic syndrome) can benefit from extra firm compression.

Depending upon the situation, compression socks can be purchased over-the counter or must be prescribed by your doctor. Compression socks come in many colors and styles and do not look like the support hose of the past. For people with a more athletic lifestyle, socks are available with padded feet and heels.

As with any medical situation, consult your doctor for more information on compression socks and whether they would be beneficial for you.

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