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Glucose Test Strips

Glucose test strips work with glucose test meters to help anyone watching his blood sugar levels. A small sample of blood is applied to the test strips, and then the meter determines the amount of blood glucose present in the blood.

Meters are meant to last a long time, but the test strips are for a single use only. What do you look for when buying test strips?

  • Match your meter - The test strips are very specific to a particular type and brand of meter. You cannot mix and match them.
  • Size of a testable drop - This is one case where more is not better; you want the smallest amount that allows an accurate reading especially if you have trouble producing the sample.
  • Cost - Depending on how often you test, buy in large packs, but be careful that you do not buy a pack that is too large. Test strips contain active ingredients that have a limited lifetime of generally a few months.

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