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Home Hospital Beds

An elderly or infirm person who wants to recuperate at home often can’t use a regular bed. The comfort and features of a hospital bed in the home can make a more pleasant recovery possible. If you are shopping for a home hospital bed, here are some features to look for:

  • The most significant feature of a home hospital bed is its ability to raise and lower the head and knees. This enables a person with breathing or sleeping disorders to recline in a position of comfort. The ability to adjust the heights electronically by a wired or wireless remote minimizes the risk of getting bed sores from staying in one position too long. An electric bed can be adjusted by the patient, while manually cranked beds, though less expensive, require a caregiver to assist.
  • The other feature of great value is the side rails that can be raised to prevent the person from rolling out of bed—a frequent cause of injury prompting an expensive ambulance trip to the hospital.
  • Most beds are simple frames, accommodating a mattress of choice for best comfort. Mattresses can be the traditional innerspring type or the more therapeutic foam type, which supports the patient more evenly and comfortably. Consider a waterproof mattress cover if incontinence will be a problem.
  • A lightweight but sturdy frame allows for easy setup, and braked rollers on the feet allow ease of movement for cleaning underneath.

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