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Motorized Wheelchairs

Difficulties in walking no longer preclude living independently at home. You can continue to move about your home, your neighborhood, and make trips to the store by relying on a motorized wheelchair, also known as an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter.

When choosing one for yourself or your parents, consider these aspects:

  • Style - Motorized wheelchairs may resemble chairs or lightweight golf carts with either three or four wheels. While most have single seating, some models have double.
  • Capacity - Check that the maximum rated weight covers your need. Be sure that seat size and height accommodates your frame and that the armrests are at a comfortable size and height.
  • Speed and distance - Models vary in how much battery capacity they carry and how much power they transmit to the wheels. If you anticipate a great deal of outdoor use, check how much of a slope (climb angle) it can handle.
  • Comfort and handling - Occupants may spend a lot of time in their chair; make sure it is comfortable even on long trips. For shopping or even just getting around the house, the turning radius is important.
  • Disassembly or folding - For transportation by car or van, it may be easier to put the chair into the trunk or back seat rather than putting it on an outside mount. If you travel a great deal, consider a folding one that you may check with your luggage at the airport.

  • Accessories - Models differ in a wide variety of details. Look for the items, whether standard or extra, that fit your needs like baskets, cane holder, headlights, key lock, and a top speed governor.

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