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Pill Reminders

For many people, the older we get the more pills we have to take, but as the numbers multiply, taking the right pills at the right time can be cumbersome. In fact, it is estimated that nine out of every ten outpatients take prescribed medicines improperly, which contributes to prolonged or additional illness.

A pill reminder is a cheap investment for your good health. The latest pill reminders and organizers are electronic gadgets that allow us to sort pills into little bins, remind us when it is time to take the pills in each bin, and relieve us from having to remember if we took them or not. Organizer capacity can be for a day, a week, or a month.

What to Look For in a Pill Reminder

Most pill reminders fall into two categories: a sliding cover or a wheel-shaped rotary holder. Most have the alarm built into the cover, but standalone timers are also made for you to use with your own pill box. While most integrated units are plastic, high-end offerings can be quite stylish, with some single-pill models being designed into jewelry.

When shopping for a pill reminder, consider these features:

  • Look for a pill reminder that has opaque or dark plastic if your medication would be ruined by exposure to sunlight and that keeps out moisture..
  • You should be able to set the reminder to notify you several times a day, a necessary feature if you need to take pills every four to six hours.
  • Look for large readouts and large buttons that make them easy to use at night or if you have trouble with small buttons.
  • If you are concerned about beeps disturbing those around you at the theater, some models can be set to vibrate like to a pager or cellphone.

  • Some models have a voice that tells you it is time for your pills, but unless you can program the voice to tell you specific instructions, any kind of audible alarm will do.

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