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Problems walking need not mean problems going places. For many people, a manual wheelchair can dramatically raise their mobility and make it possible once more to get about. What should you check for?

  • the size and capacity should meet your needs and fit your body frame
  • the width should be narrow enough to pass through any doors in your home
  • the frame should be of a material appropriate for your use; frames with newer materials tend to be lighter, stronger, and more stylish than traditional models
  • the material should be both durable and comfortable; choices range from vinyl to cloth to leather
  • the brakes should be easy to apply and convenient to set for both the rider and an attendant
  • the armrests and footrests should be adjustable and have a range of positions as well as heights
  • the chair should fold for easy carrying while traveling

Depending on your needs, you may want to consider:

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