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Custom Tailored Pants

Perhaps even more challenging than getting the right fit in a shirt is getting the right fit in a pair of dress pants. The combination of snug fit and wide variation in the body from the waist line down makes pants the most difficult of all clothing to select. As an alternative, you might consider ordering custom tailored pants.

Materials and Styles

Every tailor should offer

  • a wide selection of quality fabric that includes worsted wool (the quality standard), linen, cotton, and wool blends
  • colors that suit your style and personal preference
  • a choice between cuffs and no cuffs, with or without pleats, unlined, partial and full linings, and adjustable waistbands


In addition to the usual requirements of waist, length, and inseam measurements, a quality tailor will use

  • a selection of leg profiles to allow for heavy or thin legs and standing stances for bow or inward turning legs
  • a choice of posture and waist position to suit where you set your pants or where they naturally ride
  • posterior profiles that account for the size of your seat and the disposition of weight in back
  • individual measurements of thighs and crotch so that the pants fit properly in all aspects rather than draping or appearing too tight

Many places will record your weight at time of fitting because a change in your weight can affect the measurements and shape of your seat.

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