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Custom Tailored Dress Shirts

Most shirts today are the product of mass production and created in standard sizes, standard materials, and standard patterns. If you prefer a shirt that fits to your form and tastes, you should consider custom tailored shirts instead. Most shirtmakers offer:

  • a wide selection of quality fabric that includes Egyptian cotton (the quality standard), Thai silk, pinpoint oxford, and linen
  • colors and patterns that suit your style and personal preference
  • a variety of cuffs, collars, yoke (in the back), and button styles. If you prefer, you should be able to choose with or without pocket.

A custom tailored shirt requires a series of measurements, of course, but to ensure your complete satisfaction, check for these features as well:

  • a selection of shoulder profiles to allow for rounded or squared shoulders so the shirt sits properly on your back
  • a choice of posture and arm position because few of us stand like a military officer and some like to carry their arms more forward or more to the rear of the center line when viewed from the side
  • collars styles that account for the angle that your neck connects up with your shoulders. You may carry your head more forward or further back (in case you are a military officer) than many people. Collar size should fit your neck length whether short, long, or somewhere in the middle.
  • arm, stomach and chest measurements so that the shirt fits properly in all aspects rather than stretching too far or appearing too short at the cuff or belt line.

Many places will record your weight at time of fitting. That's because a change in your weight can affect the measurements and shape of your torso.

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