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Custom Tailored Suits

The problem with getting the right fit from mass produce men's suits is that a suit is really two different pieces of clothing combined into one. So not only is there the usual problem of finding a jacket and pair of pants that fit, but there is the additional complication of finding them together in the same package. If you have any difficulty in finding pants or shirts that fit or don't have the uniform distribution of form that suit makers must assume, you won't find suits that suit you.

Your other option is a custom tailored suit, which offers:

  • a wide selection of quality fabric that include worsted wool and wool blends stitched with silk thread
  • colors and patterns that match your style and personal preference
  • a variety of pant cuffs, pleats, jacket lapels, and single or double breasted jackets with or without vents.

A custom tailored suit requires a series of measurements, but to ensure your complete satisfaction, check for these features as well:

  • a selection of shoulder profiles to allow for rounded or squared shoulders so the jacket sits properly on your back
  • a choice of posture and arm position because some like to carry their arms more forward or more to the rear of the center line when viewed from the side
  • arm, stomach and chest measurements so that the jacket fits properly in all aspects rather than stretching too far or appearing too short
  • a selection of leg profiles to allow for heavy or thin legs and standing stances for bow or inward turning legs
  • a choice of posture and waist position to suit where you set your pants or where they naturally ride
  • posterior profiles that account for the size of your seat and the disposition of weight in back
  • individual measurements of thighs and crotch so that the pants fit properly in all aspects rather than draping or appearing too tight

Many places will record your weight at time of measurement because a change in your weight can affect the fit dramatically.

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