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Fashion Guide

There are many reasons we select the particular clothes and shoes that we wear. Few us buy clothes strictly for their utilitarian purpose -- warm socks to keep our feet warm. Rather, even if the primary reason is function -- a lightweight dress to wear on warm days, the thought almost always lurking beneath the surface is, "how do I look in it?"

Indeed, fashion -- the art of buying shoes and clothes for the way they look -- sometimes trumps purpose (look no farther than some impractical designs). Buy even the concept of "look" has as many facets as there are shoppers and their motives. Reasons people buy a particular "look" ranges from a desire to conform, for status, to downplay or to enhance the limitations or attributes of one's body, or to be different; and each of these range from subtle nuances to trumpeted declarations.

All of this must also be considered in the context of quality and cost. Quality itself is spread across aspects that include how long the garment will function, how good it looks, and how long it will continue to look that good. Cost considerations may be a matter of budget or status.

With some much variation in criteria, it comes as no small wonder how much variety there is in shoes and clothes. To shine a light (albeit dimly) in the direction of understanding fashion, we offer the following articles for your consideration:


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Custom clothing:

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