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Women's Gloves

Fashionable and practical, women’s gloves have come a long way from the Victorian age when they were a mandatory clothing accessory. Today’s gloves come in a dizzying array of materials, styles, and uses.

When buying women's gloves, here are some tips:

  • Begin by deciding on gloves or mittens, with mittens having a single area for all of the fingers. Mittens are generally thought of as children's wear, but for some people with poor hand circulation, they can be warmer than fingered gloves.
  • Gloves come in a varying degrees of warmth, as determined by the outer shell material, the insulation, and the lining. Leather, wool, fabrics, fabric blends, and manmade materials are the most common materials. Cold weather linings come in fur, cashmere, wool, or fabric blends and choice is mostly personal taste. For really cold weather, look for insulation material (such as down or Thinsulate) between the shell and the lining. The best gloves promote "breathing" so that the moisture from your hand is wicked away and does not leave the glove feeling damp.
  • Many brands come as "one size fits most" but others vary in size. A good fitting glove should be form fitting for best mobility without being too snug. Look for gloves that are long enough to cover between your hand and the cuff of your coat so that your wrist is not exposed to the cold or wet.
  • If you will be using the gloves in snow or rain (for example, for skiing or for clearing snow from your car), look for gloves designed to repel water.
  • For gloves to work in, look for gripper palms that make gripping and holding easier. Heavy-duty gloves may be stiff and make bending your hand difficult, so features such as sewn-in panels or heavier material on the back of the hand where less stretching is required are a plus. Pre-curved fingers in heavy-duty gloves are also a nice feature. Removable linings allow you to dry them or replace them easily. These gloves should come with a cinch or Velcro closure that can be tightened with one hand to fasten them securely.

Lastly, fashion gloves are becoming more common one again. With many colors and styles, you can choose between glamour, fun, or sexy. Some gloves even come with openings for long nails and rings.

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