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Customized wristbands or bracelets are available in a rainbow of colors and are made of silicone or similar rubberized substances. Growing numbers of people, especially (but not exclusively) the young, are wearing them. It also is increasingly common to see someone sporting several at a time.

The phenomenon largely started with yellow wristbands promoting the cancer research foundation launched by champion bicyclist Lance Armstrong. Other causes then jumped on the bandwagon, with their own colors and imprinted messages. While many people don the bands to support certain causes, many others are primarily making a fashion statement.

Accordingly, businesses are using wristbands as a form of wearable advertising, a cheaper alternative to caps and T-shirts. Instead, wristbands are more comparable in cost to pins and pens.

When ordering wristbands to your specifications:

  • check the material used; while silicone has become established as the premium material, cheaper substitutes are available. Avoid natural latex rubber because it can cause allergic reactions in some people.
  • shop around among vendors for price; things to consider include
    • set-up fees
    • fees for multiple colors
    • minimum quantities
    • shipping fees.
  • examine the quality of imprinting, especially if you want to have logos or other designs

    in addition to text messages; if you are going to order a large quantity, see if the company will send you a sample before processing your full order.

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