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Credit Cards

Credit cards that offer cash rebates on your purchases come with a bewildering variety of terms and conditions. It pays to shop around and compare. A given card may offer:

  • a flat rebate percentage
  • a rebate percentage that increases with your total annual spending
  • a rebate percentage that varies by category of merchant or type of purchase
  • a cap on total annual dollars rebated.

To maximize your rebates, it may be necessary to carry several different cards and pay close attention to when and where you use them. Additionally, stay alert to changes in the terms, conditions, and options associated with each card that you already own.For example, you might have two cards:

  • Card A offers a flat rebate percentage on all purchases, with no annual cap.
  • Card B has a higher rebate percentage on a few select categories of merchants, the same percentage as Card A on all others, and a cap on annual rebate dollars.

Accordingly, use Card B only where it earns the higher rebate percentage, and Card A elsewhere. When you reach the annual rewards cap on Card B, then use Card A exclusively for the rest of the year.

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