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Replacement Checks

When you've used up all your checks, you have two options:

  • Reorder checks through your bank. You'll probably be able to select from a limited number of designs. Maybe they offer only one design.
  • Order new checks from a third party. If you want another outlet for self-expression, you might select a non-traditional check design. Literally hundreds are available and from numerous vendors. Some accept orders by mail, some online, and some either way.

When shopping for new checks, there are a few basic considerations:

  • Cost - Most banks charge for additional checks. Usually, the price reflects the fact that they knew people reorder from them because of the simplicity and safety of doing so. However, banks don't print the checks themselves, so you can save a considerable amount (as many people do) by ordering directly from a check printer.
  • Security - To order checks from a third party, you must supply your bank's routing number and your own checking account number, which are printed across the bottom of the check. This information, while seeming to be personal, really isn't because anyone to whom you give a check sees these numbers. In addition, most printers will require that your address be printed on the checks and that the new checks be mailed to that address. And, of course, they will need the same information any merchant needs for processing a sale (credit card number, expiration date, etc.). However, no legitimate printer needs to know your account passwords, PINs, balances, etc.
  • Bank policy -In general, your bank should have no problem with your using a third party printer, since the routing number account number and check number should appear across the bottom of your new checks in a standard format used by all banks. Still, if you are concerned that there might be a problem, check with your bank before ordering.
  • Bank logo - Checks ordered directly from your bank will be imprinted with the bank's name and logo, as well as your name and address. Determine from the third-party printer how the bank's name and logo will appear on your new checks. If they are missing, or if they appear in a nonstandard format, that may affect the acceptance of your checks.

Ordering replacement checks online or by mail has become a simple way to save money. In dealing with the major check printers, the two biggest reasons for choosing one over the other is cost and check appearance, both of which can be found online.

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