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Credit Cards

Low cost credits cards are everywhere and the features are multiplying. With many companies offering online application and nearly instantaneous approval, opening a new credit card account can take moments.

How do you find the best mix for you? Here are the popular features to consider in determining the best credit card for you:

  • No annual fee for having the card
  • Low annual percentage rate (APR). Many cards offer 0% for balance transfers and new purchase for up to one year. After that they revert to a higher regular rate, but there is no need to hold credit cards that have high APR's.
  • Cash back rebates - sometimes the incentives come in the form of discounts, frequent flyer miles, or merchandise, but nothing beats cold hard cash that you can spend as you want
  • Grace period - look for cards that offer you up to 30 days after the closing date of the statement until you have to pay the bill
  • Selectable closing dates - this allows you to pick a payment day that corresponds to when your pay check so that you don't have to pay a bill before you get paid yourself.
  • Insurance and warranties - look for cards that provide travel and rental car insurance (if you use them) and extended warranties for purchases.

  • Balance transfer fees - choose cards that have zero or minimum transfer fees.

As you compare credit card offers, use this list to see how the offers stack up.

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