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In choosing a full-service broker, never just pick a firm and walk into an office unannounced. This is a recipe for being assigned to "the broker of the day," who is usually an inexperienced employee whose turn it is to get that day's walk-ins. Also be wary of unsolicited "cold calls" or mailings from brokers who are seeking new clients.

Better to start by inquiring among friends and family, just as you would when trying to find a doctor, lawyer or roofer.

If you are interested in a particular firm, first contact the office manager or sales manager at the location where you propose to do business. After a discussion of your investment goals and preferences, these people can suggest a broker who might be compatible with you. Then, be sure to interview your prospective broker at length to ensure that his philosophy is in sync with your preferences and needs. This is also the time to bring up the matter of the cost of doing business, and to negotiate if you are so inclined.

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