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A crucial consideration in choosing a full-service broker is how much attention your account will get. A broker's list of clients is called the "book of business." A seasoned broker at a leading firm frequently will have a "book" of 400 or more clients. Star brokers can have books exceeding 1,000 clients.

Before choosing a broker, ask about the size of their book and the amount of attention you're likely to get. Expect the broker to be coy about the book size, but you should be persistent. Unless you will open a very large account (relative to existing clients) or trade frequently, you may get lost in the shuffle.

Also, determine whether your broker works alone, in a team with other brokers, or with non-broker support staff. For example, a team of 3 brokers with a combined book of 600 clients (averaging 200 per broker) is probably better poised to have enough time for you than a sole practitioner with 400 clients.

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