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Paying or Sending Money

Although many people continue to pay by cash or check, there are a number of faster and more convenient ways to pay your bills and obligations -- some that may even save you money.

The main choices are:

  • many companies will take payment over the internet through direct debit to your checking account or a charge to your credit card (for example, telephone companies will often allow you to transfer your monthly charge to your credit card). If not, most banks offer electronic checking that allows you to direct your bank to issue a check directly. See our article on automatic & online bill paying to learn more. Properly used, you can avoid missed payments and expensive late fees.
  • paying for purchases with a debit card or "stored value" card, which eliminates the hassle of checks and keeps you from overspending what you have in the bank.
  • you can delay paying for purchases by putting them directly on a credit card.
  • and if you need to get cash to someone in a hurry, there are a number of services that help you send money to most everywhere in the world.

Using one of the above methods for paying will, unlike paying with cash, provide you with a record of your payment and the amount of the expense. And, unlike with checks, these payments avoid the hassle of writing out checks and balancing a check book.

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