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Shopping for French Horns

What's the difference between a double and a single French Horn?

The double horn has an extra thumb key which allows the player better tone, pitch, and a wider range. The double horn also has more tubing than the single horn because of the extra key. A single horn is perfect for the beginning player. The double horn is better for the intermediate to advanced player.

Does it matter what brand I buy?

Yes. Chances are, if you've never heard of the brand before, it will not be a good horn. Alexander, Holton, and Conn are known for producing the best sounding horns; however, other brands, such as Yamaha, do have good models. In fact, Yamaha has recently based some of their horns' design on the older Conn horns. What matters the most is that you think the horn sounds good when you play it. Every horn sounds different depending on who plays it.

Should I buy used or new, or rent a horn?

It all depends on your budget. For a beginning player, I recommend renting because horns are expensive and difficult to

play. A young player may become frustrated easily and not stick with the instrument. For more advanced players, consider purchasing a horn. Whether it is used or new depends on your price range. Don't be fooled though, just because a horn is older does not make it less expensive.

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