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Guitar Cases

If you care about your guitar, you need a good case to keep it safe. Cases are also a far more convenient way to carry your guitar than without one, and they are a handy place to store any accessories that go with your guitar (picks, music, CDs, etc). When buying cases for guitars, you have two options: soft and hard cases. Most people find soft cases preferable for acoustics and hard cases better for electrics, but the choice is really up to you; the important thing is to have one and to use it. Here are some suggestions to help you choose:

Soft Cases

Soft guitar cases have several advantages:
  • Lightweight and very affordably priced.
  • They generally have more than ample storage room for accessories and offer decent protection for your guitar.
However, soft cases are less professional looking and they don't provide the same kind of protection against drops, spills, and other mishaps that hard cases do.

Hard Cases

Hard guitar cases will keep your guitar safe from almost anything you are likely to encounter and they have a very sleek and appealing appearance. Despite the higher price, hard cases are worth the money if the highest safety for your guitar and a more professional look for you are important.

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