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Guitar Tuners

Even a Stratocaster wielding rock star would be hard pressed to make an out-of-tune guitar sound good. And since most people canít tune well by ear (and even those who can are rarely able to match the accuracy of a tuner), owning a good tuner is a necessity.

There are a few different types of tuners, depending on the type of guitar you own and your price range. Be sure to pick the right one or else the tuner may be useless for you. Below are some suggestions to help you choose the right one for you.

Tuners for 6 String Electrics and Acoustic Guitars

  • Pitch pipes: the most affordable way to tune your guitar. They work by producing set notes that you can then tune your guitar to match. Inexpensive, but they fall short of the accuracy and ease of a digital tuner.
  • Digital guitar tuners: Work by measuring the sound of one of your strings when you pick it, telling you whether the sound is higher or lower than it should be. Digital guitar tuners come in a wide range of prices, with the more expensive models having greater range and accuracy and more features.

Tuners for Base and 12 String Guitars

These guitar tuners work similarly to tuners for 6 string guitars, but operate at different frequencies.

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