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Laptop Batteries

The two most common reasons why people buy new batteries for their laptops are:

  • spare battery - to be able to use their PC longer than possible with just one battery, they buy extra batteries.
  • replacement battery - even the best cared for battery eventually loses its ability to hold a charge, and so the batteries have to be replaced.

There are four sources for batteries for your laptop:

  • Original manufacturer - if your laptop is a recent model, you can probably still order a battery directly from the manufacturer. However, battery technology is constantly progressing as manufacturers seek to put more power in a smaller space; as a result, batteries are often unique to a model or line of laptops. To hold down inventory costs, most manufacturers stop stocking new batteries for older models after a few years.
  • Distributors of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) batteries - if your manufacturer no longer sells your battery, look to distributors. Frequently, they have a small stock of original replacement batteries.
  • Compatible batteries - a lower cost option and, after a manufacturer drops the part, often times the only practical option is to use a battery manufactured to the original specifications by another company. While there is some risk in buying "just as good or better than the original" batteries, these batteries are often a lower cost choice, if not your only choice.
  • Used batteries - over time, laptops get discarded for many reasons, and it is possible to find a a battery

    in another machine like yours. However, you do not have any way of knowing how "worn" the battery is or how well it was cared for by the previous owner. Do not be surprised if the used battery you buy is also approaching the end of its useful life.

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