Divorce Lawyers

Common wisdom is that one out of every two marriages will end in a divorce. When your marriage ends, you may be able to end the emotional ties that once bound you together, but will you be able to untangle the financial ones? And what about the children?

Laws concerning divorce vary from state to state and affect everything from what are the grounds for divorce to who gets what after the split. An experienced lawyer can guide you through the process and help ensure that you get what is rightfully yours -- especially if your spouse has hired a lawyer, too. To be unrepresented against a lawyer runs a really large risk that your spouse's lawyer will run unchecked and secure the maximum for your spouse rather than an equitable portion.

To go it alone without a lawyer runs the risk of forever regretting how you 'settle' the divorce. "Fairness" may have been the original intent behind the laws, but talk to a divorced person and you'll quickly understand that the world for which the laws were written doesn't exist, and worse, that fact doesn't keep the courts of this country from continuing to apply them anyway.

So, our advice is to do your research and understand what is at stake. A good lawyer can be very expensive, but if there are a lot of assets (cars, house, etc.) or earnings (present and future) involved, involving a high priced lawyer may ultimately be your wisest financial decision.

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