Preparing Your Own Legal Documents
There are a number of books that instruct the reader in how to save money by drawing up their own legal documents, such as wills and contracts. The more complex your needs are and the more money might be at stake, the less inclined you should be to take this penny-wise approach. Since laws differ greatly by state and are constantly in flux, you may be in for a nasty surprise down the road if you use one of these legal cookbooks.

Of course, lawyers themselves make mistakes. Nonetheless, if a lawyer draws up a document that winds up having a serious flaw in it, you probably stand a much better chance of gaining some restitution by suing the lawyer than if you relied on a book.

That said, for simple transactions, there are a number of "fill in the blank" form legal documents that are perfectly acceptable. These are available at book and stationery stores and through the Internet.

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