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Professions & Professionals

This web site is designed both for people seeking to hire a professional and for people seeking to join or to make changes within a profession.

Seeking a Professional

When we encounter something in life that is beyond our ability to handle, we turn to others. When it is something important, we turn to a professional, a person who is skilled, experienced, trained, and (in some cases) licensed to perform the service. The following pages provide information on specialists in several areas. Choose the appropriate link below.

Joining or Making a Change within a Profession

Are you exploring new career opportunities or interested in a change of companies or cities? With the rebounding economy, there's growing demand for trained (and if appropriate) licensed professionals in a wide variety of fields.

We've developed this Professions Guide to provide you with insight into the hottest fields -- law, medicine, and more -- and to provide more information about each specialty. We hope that you will find these pages helpful in selecting the right profession or specialty within a profession. Or, if you are looking to keep your profession but to make a change of companies or locations, we hope we can help you, too.

We have collected information on the more common specialties and provided it to you on the following pages. In addition, you will find listings of companies that can help you in your search -- either actively or simply by flipping through their pages to better understand the market and what they can offer in the way of assistance. Follow the links below to learn more about each:

Seeking a Professional Seeking to Join or
Change within a Profession

As a service to you, we are experimenting with providing additional product information:
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