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Baroness Cox: A Voice for the Voiceless
by Andrew Boyd

Caroline Cox is barely known is the U.S., yet she has lived a rather remarkable life bringing aid to persecuted people around the world for over two decades. Trained as a nurse and politically a left-of-center Laborite, she nonetheless was elevated to the peerage in 1982 on the recommendation of Margaret Thatcher. As a college lecturer, Cox had taken great personal risks in opposing violent Marxists who were attempting to trample academic freedom in various British universities.

The main narrative covers her often-dangerous personal missions on behalf of Solidarity in Poland, orphans in Russia, ethnic Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh (part of Azerbaijan), the Karen people of Burma, and the Christians of Sudan. This reviewer met the Baroness in October 2001, while she was visiting New York, and was highly impressed. A friend subsequently accompanied her on travels to the beleaguered Karens of Burma, an experience that changed that personís life.

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