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Benjamin Franklin
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By Walter Isaacson

Written in a lively, conversational style, this book deservedly became a bestseller shortly after its publication in 2003. It is a rare biography that really brings its subject to life. Especially intriguing are the author’s examinations of Franklin as the originator of the self-help book, the prototypical American humorist, the media baron who vertically integrated content with distribution, the developer of the matching grant, the inventor of the business improvement district, and the practical tinkerer who anticipated Edison by over a century.

An amusing postscript reveals that the typeface used in the book is not as modern as it seems, but is one championed (though not invented) by Franklin himself and employed by him for the first printing the Declaration of Independence.

After reading this informative and enjoyable work, you cannot help but conclude (with the author) that Franklin was perhaps the most “modern” Founding Father.

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