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John Adams
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By David McCullough

Despite his central role in the forging of an independent United States of America, as revolutionary agitator, political theorist, diplomat, first Vice President, and second President, John Adams fell into relative obscurity. That is, until this acclaimed book attempted to redress that injustice. This should be required reading for anyone interested in the Revolutionary War era and the founding of the American republic.

Perhaps the most intriguing section of the book is the authorís revisionist look at Adamsí Presidency. Traditionally, President Adams has been portrayed as a great failure, trampling civil liberties with the Alien and Sedition Acts and thus becoming the first chief executive to lose his race for re-election. McCullough, by contrast, presents Adams as wisely keeping the fledgling United States out of potentially disastrous wars with Britain and France despite severe provocations from each and public clamor for a military response.

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